Search&Go! is a web based event finder system, for young and active urban citizens who want to find what is happening (and going to happen) in a certain area of a city. It is the result of the Information Visualization module at USI (2010).

This system would be used as a tool for finding leisure related to music, arts, outings and nightlife. Users would explore the map of the city to find out events matching their criteria within a particular geographical area of interest. Search&Go! aims to be a dedicated yet flexible tool, in order to be easy to approach, and engaging to use. Functionalities such as browsing events through time, and event mood in a visually atractive way are strengths from this system. User ratings and other social community aspects aim at empowering frequent outgoers to use the system as primary leisure planner.

At the time of creation, no event recommender displayed the information in a location based manner, and none of them provide an easy overview on the location distribution and time when the events occur. Search and Go! is intended to offer this service. Search&Go! could be used in both computer and mobile platforms.

For this project I worked together with my colleage Peter Banach. My contribution was the concept creation, design vision, and UI design.

The smartphone app of Search&Go! would allow users to browse through time find event son the go.