TasteBook is a cooking fans community system with a menu recomender based on user's preferences. TasteBook is targeted at people who often dine together. TasteBook is the result of short USI project for the module of Data Bases (2010).

In order to empower them to create the perfect dinning experience, TasteBook affords creating diner-personalized menus based on their will to be surprised, likes and dislikes. TasteBook manages a pool of recipes and user profiles, which characteristics, ingredients, cooking style, and price work are used by filters to narrow down the recipe search, down the options recommended by "the Chef", the name of TasteBook's recommender engine.

TasteBook was a group work in which I contributed with the core idea, design vision, and UI interface design.

Diners selection page, where to select the guest for the event

Recipe detail page

TasteBook from Jorge Peregrin on Vimeo.