Clover key

The Clover Key is a labour registration system for greenhouse workers that improves efficiency (reducing the need for, and duration of inputs) and efficacy (improve understandability and user-friendliness). This was the result of my Integrated Design Project (TU Delft 2008), for Hoogendoorn Growth Management, a leading company in the field of greenhouse technology.

The assignment was to redesign the existing registration system, aiming at reducing the input errors, and increasing understandability and learnability. We focused on principles like simplicity, image-based language, and automation. We studied the market, and the context, including several visits to greenhouses, interviews with workers and managers, observations, workers shadowing, and cognitive walkthrough of existing registration systems.

The Clover key offers an interface tailored to the greenhouse context, a more suitable formal language, and seamless labour registration. The choice of RFID for location tagging and image-based task choice input, proved better usability and user satisfaction in the user test carried out at Dutch greenhouses.

This was a group project in which I contributed with the research, insight gathering and context mapping, conceptualization, form factor, UI design and evaluation.

Picture of final prototype.

This project included context analysis, resulting in several storyboards and task-maps

A second concept developed for the client based on labour group keys